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Custom Coding Applications and Databases for Small Business

From setting up macros to full custom software, we adjust or build software tools that will save time.

Custom Software Solutions

Small Business Databases

Using MS Access, MySQL or other software, we can find a way for you to keep track of :

Tweaking Existing Software

Many applications have undiscovered features which can speed up work flows.

For example MS Word can have Autotext and custom macros which can be used to quickly complete repetitive tasks.

Coordinating existing applications can also produce results.

Using Webpages

An increasing use of webpages as the human interface of programs has lead to a blending of web development and application programming. Micro business can access this type of system which can be on your 1 computer. local network only, or available authorised persons on the internet.

Stand Alone Applications

These may be custom written programs to perform various sets of tasks. For many micro and small businesses, these are generally too expensive but cost can vary greatly depending on functions required.


Open Source

Open source software has its code released publicly. This generally means that it can be used  and modified to suit particular purposes.

Some enterprise level software is available in free, "no support" versions which have sufficient functionality for many micro and small business purposes.

Web Based Solutions

Many applications can be run in a browser which connects to a database.

These can be a Private Intranet within your office only or can be hosted on the internet with protected access from anywhere in the world.

By combing Open Source and Web Based solutions, a relatively inexpensive solution can be custom made.

Custom Application

When the off-the-shelf solutions don't quite fit, a custom application can be made by either modifying an existing solution or starting from scratch.

Generally a more expensive option but in the long term may be cost effective.