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Workflow Support for Small Business and Associations

We specialise in assisting micro business and associations with mostly 1 to 15 computers.

What is Workflow Support?

Technology should be reducing the number of manual steps required in workflow processes

By studying the processes within a business, we can identify where workflow can be optimised, reducing repetitive tasks by intelligent use of technology.

This may just require some training to get the most out of existing systems or supplementing with new techniques.

By looking at what you need to do rather than telling you what you should do, we design systems that increase productivity with a great return on investment.

Technology Training

We can provide a range of training options from custom manuals to on-site training in specific tasks required to work efficiently.

Custom Solutions

Where off-the-shelf don't suffice, we can provide custom built databases and software for your needs.


Cloud Services

Many businesses can benefit greatly by using "Cloud Services" to replace the onsite networks. backups etc.

Cloud services are simply servers that are hosted by large corporations. The main advantage comes from a technical process called virtualisation where the server is a simulated computer that "floats" on a system of co-ordinated real servers. This has the advantage of removing downtime from specific hardware failures as the floating virtual server is simply moved to other hardware without any noticeable delays to the users.

While the technology behind this is astounding and very complicated, it is invisible to the end user. In plain English, all works without you having to worry about it.